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QuickBooks Accounting 2017 (Multi-currency) - Support Windows 10
Accounts 2016 (Multi-currency) - 支援中文的亞& Windows 10

QuickBooks Accounting Software in Hong Kong

Certified QuickBooks Desktop (Pro, Premier & MAC ) ProAdvisor in Hong Kong
Certified QuickBooks Enterprise ProAdvisor in Hong Kong

Certified QuickBooks Point of Sale ProAdvisor in Hong Kong
Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor in Hong Kong


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QuickBooks Pro
CD version
(Unlimited Companies creation, one-off payment)


**Unlimited company data
without extra charge**

QuickBooks Professional service:::

** QuickBooks Migration service from UK, Canada, US or Asia version to any NEW 2017 version

** QuickBooks Migration service from online version to 2017 Desktop version

** QuickBooks Migration service from Desktop version to 2017 online version


Company data are stored in your private computer or server
No one can see your company private information

**Provide Professional On-site and Certified Classroom Training and supporting service***

Desktop version is One-off payment and
no annual fee

Online version is required to pay license fee continuously on a monthly basis

Certified ProAdvisor DesktopCertified ProAdvisor EntrpriseCertified ProAdvisor Point of SaleCertified ProAdvisor Online
Certified QuickBooks Desktop (Pro, Premier & MAC ) ProAdvisor in Hong Kong
Certified QuickBooks Enterprise ProAdvisor in Hong Kong

Certified QuickBooks Point of Sale ProAdvisor in Hong Kong
Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor in Hong Kong

Exciting new timesaving features and powerful new functionality make QuickBooks Pro , Premier & Enterprise 12/13, 2014 & 2017 a must-have for efficiency-minded businesses.
Increased efficiency with advanced tools

Promotion == 優惠特價

Save money utilising QuickBooks' email functionality. Invoices, statements, estimates, purchase orders, sales orders, sales receipts, adjustment notes, and reports can all arrive on supplier and customer desktops in minutes. There is no need to separately track contact lists. Just synchronise your contact information with Microsoft Outlook.

Designed specifically for your industry( Contractor , Manufacturing & Wholesale, Nonprofit, Professional Services, Retail industries)
Install QuickBooks Premier and select from industry-specific editions with specialised tools and features unique to your industry. Whether you’re an accountant, contractor, professional services firm, manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer or non-profit organisation there's a specific edition tailored to your needs.

QuickBooks Premier increases efficiency by allowing up to 5 users to work on a company file at the same time. Smart security features can restrict access to confidential financial information, ensuring you stay in control of data.

QuickBooks Enterprise
This premium enterprise business solution allows access by up to 30 users simultaneously and includes comprehensive reporting features, industry specific editions, multi-company reporting as well as being multi-site enabled to manage business growth.

QuickBooks is customizable and flexible:

Set up your forms and customer statements any way you want - add fields graphics, and format styles. Customize the icon bar to show only what you need Allow up to 5 users to access QuickBooks simultaneously - set up password protected access Buy and sell in foreign currencies. Automatically download exchange rates (requires Internet service) Archive, condense and back up QuickBooks data

QuickBooks provides you with financial management tools that help your business achieve results.

Track project time with onscreen timer, flow information to invoices. Create multiple quotes or estimates per job. Then, turn them into an invoice at the click of a button. Classify all expenses and income to specific jobs or projects, quickly review unclassified expenses.
Invoice clients in phases or upon completion of the job.

QuickBooks Consultancy Division

QuickBooks is the number one small business and related accounting software package in Hong Kong. It gives users the ability to get the functionality of "big" accounting software programs, absent the big ticket price tag. However, many business owners and nonprofit executives and their staff are overwhelmed by the vast array of information that QuickBooks can manage and produce.

In many cases, these individuals are learning "by the seat of their pants" trying to figure out enough to prepare this or that report, reconcile their bank accounts, or create a graph. This can be frustrating and very time consuming if you are new to the software and under time constraints.

If you have felt this frustration, or wondered where you can turn to get professional assistance - our QuickBooks Consultancy Division is just what you need. We have a broad range of industry knowledge and QuickBooks solutions that will ensure your specific needs are met. If our mutually developed solutions do not achieve your objectives, there is no charge.

We offer one-on-one QuickBooks consulting at your place of business. We can assist you with setup or fixup. We can also help with answers to questions you might have about how to do specific tasks. Your investment in these services is much less than you might expect.

Our QuickBooks setup service is the best way to get started. We have seen many clients confused and tired from spending hours trying to figure out how to get started with QuickBooks. Our Certified system consultants ProAdvisors and Professional Consultants can get you up and running the right way. We will setup your company and even enter beginning balances.

Setting up financial and accounting systems is a constant theme throughout our working year and, although having worked with a number of accounting and finance packages we have, since QuickBooks V3 first came to some years ago, been recommending Intuit's QuickBooks to our small business customers.

When Intuit first introduced their QuickBooks Professional Advisers scheme a few years ago we became a professional advisor as we believed it would benefit our many customers using the software. Over the years the service has proved invaluable and provided the experience for setting-up the software, training and undertaking diagnostic work using each new version of QuickBooks as it was released.

QuickBooks is designed for any businesses and is more than just a powerful accountancy tool so we are able to configure the software to suit the individual needs of the customer.

Our customer base using QuickBooks are many and varied ranging from Hotels and Restaurants through to Project Management, Quantity Surveyors, Consultants, Mail Order Businesses, Builders and Farmers - to name but a few.

To assist clients further we are also able to produce Business Plans using data direct from QuickBooks, which contain complex interactive documents.

Quickbooks Training
QuickBooks ProAdvisors specialize in providing customized training and consultation to small businesses. Typically accounting professionals or consultants, ProAdvisors are an ideal resource to help you get the most out of QuickBooks.